About EOFF

    EOFF is a Bible teaching, non-denominational body of Christians who believe the Church is
    and should be filled with people of every race and ethnicity.  The only criteria for being a
    part of EOFF is that one believe that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and a relationship
    with God the Father.

    The vision for EOFF was born in the heart of Pastor Michael Roy.  We believe that Pastor
    Roy has been called by God.  Pastor Roy began leading a Bible study from his home in
    March of 2003.  For the past ten years God has been using him to minister the Word of
    God with boldness and with power.  EOFF believes that the Word of God should be
    ministered line upon line, precept upon precept so that the convicting power of the Holy
    Spirit can transform hearts and minds.

    Through the vision God has given us we will be pull down the stronghold of legalism which
    has caused many believers which profess Christ to remain in bondage.  We are not
    speaking against any specific church or denomination, but desire every believer to know
    that anyone who responds in faith to the gospel can and will be used by God in
    immeasurable ways.  For too long like the Pharisees of the gospel accounts, ministers in
    this present age have withheld the truth from God's people by not teaching them how to
    utilize the gifts the Holy Spirit has given them.  

    Eyes of Faith Fellowship has made a commitment to teach God's people the truth regarding
    their relationship to Christ.  If you are still reading this segment and believe as we believe
    then we ask that you continue to view the site on a regular basis and if you receive
    encouragement and edification please suggest our site to others.

Transforming Lives Through Teaching God's Word