We see EOFF as a church that fully accepts the responsibility of the great commission, to go
    into the whole world teaching and preaching the gospel.  
    Our desire is for this church to have a positive influence in our society locally and nationally.   
    Having the great commission on our hearts and minds we will focus on praising, honoring
    and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our desire is that EOFF be a church that teaches and preaches the apostles doctrine which
    has Jesus Christ as the foundation.  Our desire is that through the teaching ministry of the
    Holy Spirit every member will increase in wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding, so
    they will be able to do the work in the ministry God has called them to.

    Our desire is to cultivate a mature body of believers that develop intimacy with and
    confidence in the Lord and thereby are able to be better witnesses for Jesus Christ.  We
    know our confidence affects our outreach and our outreach affects our community which is
    what Jesus has asked us to do.

    Our desire is to be recognized in the community as a place of refuge and hope.  We desire
    to be known as a church that never compromises the truth of God’s word.  We will teach and
    preach to transform lives that will begin to reflect the glory of God.

    Our desire is to cross racial, denominational and cultural barriers in order to establish a
    congregation that truly reflects what Christian fellowship in heaven will look like.

    Our desire is to be a church that encourages all believers to aspire to achieve their fullest
    potential in Christ.  Through this directive we hope to be a church that sends out men that are
    strong in faith who can replicate the EOFF vision.

    If God allows all this we will do in the name above every name: Jesus Christ.

Transforming Lives Through Teaching God's Word