June 10, 2005

    Today’s Word of Strength

    Highly favored and blessed

    Psalm 5:12
    For you, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor you will surround him as a shield.

    Hebrews 4:16
    Let us come boldly before the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and grace
    (unmerited favor)  to help in our time of need.

    Brothers and sisters as I made my supplications onto the Lord this morning He blessed my
    soul by reaffirming my status as His beloved.  The Spirit of God reminded me that  I am
    blessed and highly favored by Him, the creator of all that we have an awareness of.  This
    blessed me because my soul felt burdened, but when I prayed and cried to God he told me
    to have faith in Him or better yet as Billy Graham put it  we should recline upon God, putting
    the full weight of that which concerns us upon Him. Amen!

    Look here at a few of Webster’s definitions of favor:
    1.        To perform a kindness or service for; oblige. See Synonyms at oblige.
    2.        To treat or regard with friendship, approval, or support.
    3.        To be partial to; indulge a liking for: favors bright colors.
    4.        To be or tend to be in support of.
    5.        To make easier or more possible; facilitate: Darkness favored their escape.
    6.        To treat with care; be gentle with: favored my wounded leg.

    I pray that this Word will cause you to recline on the favor of God. Amen.

    In Christ
    Michael W. Roy
    Wise Master Builder

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