December 16, 2004

    Today’s Word of Strength

    2 Samuel 22

    31As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried (proven): he is a buckler
    (protector) to all them that trust in him.
      32For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock (stable, firm, dependable), save
    our God?
      33God is my strength and power: and he makes my way perfect.

    Brothers and sisters if you can’t trust the Lord even after all the assurance he gives, then
    who will you rely on?  Will you rely on your job, your money, your momma, your daddy, your
    friends?  It doesn’t matter which you “really” trust in because neither of those choices would
    be possible apart from Christ.  Hear me! Hear me!  It is Jesus Christ and He alone that is
    trust worthy to secure any unstable areas of you life.  Will you trust him?  Stop listening to
    the lies of people who pretend they are something that they are not.  Start listening to the
    One who truly knows all, Jesus Christ.

    Grow in grace, and may the Lord bless you.  Amen.

    Michael W. Roy
    Wise Master Builder

Transforming Lives Through Teaching God's Word